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                                     Earnings on the articles

Talking about this way of earnings in the Internet should be noted that this service is not similar to other sites, set up to earn online. Here is an example: Only on this website you can read stories to earn money at the same time or just read an interesting article and at the same time being aware of? that's your purse dripping money
 This income can be safely classified as unobtrusive and bringing pleasure. And if in a nutshell you only read the various articles or pictures, jokes, and for this it is you are constantly added to a small amount of money! As you can see quite difficult here nothing but nice and helpful :)))))


UH - pretty young domestic site for earnings in the Internet, which began its work in 2010. During this time the site Uh.ru not particularly changed, except that gradually gone all sorts of "children's" problems that come almost every site.
 All payments are made automatically and in real time through the payment system Webmoney. If you plan to not only read the material on the site, but also to earn here, you must have a purse Webmoney, which we could transfer your earnings.
 Payments can be requested several times a day. There are no restrictions on the minimum amount for withdrawal. If the balance is at least one penny, it can be removed.

 For more earnings select advertising with 90% pay. Add this page to your favorites and each time click on the links.
 And if you still write or copy a simple article, this article will bring you passive income. (More than advertising)

 Currently Uh.ru stably and without problems paying earnings to their users and attracting new advertisers. In contrast to the main part of the CAP is to view the articles and advertising there is not any timer, and sets the amount of the payment the author - from 0% to 100% payment by the advertiser.

Earnings on Uh.ru consists of three components:
- Earnings on viewing the pictures and reading the jokes.
- Earnings from attracted referrals.
- Earnings on writing statey.S earnings on watching advertisements is quite simple, you are viewing the advertising links are at the top of each article and get this money into your account.