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In the search engine, the article is: for "GS" with 70 seats. Search for "SDL" on the 84 place in the issuance of Yandex. These are the questions that moved. It is clear that there are no other questions led me to have attracted 201 visitors to this page, but I think that by promoting these two request, all other requests will be tightened by itself. Move with 70 and 84 pages hard, so while this article will leave alone.
Virtually the same result in attendance was the article "Semantic kernel to DataLife Engine (DLE)", scored 205 display.
Article on how to properly distribute the semantic core of DLE. At least, I described how I placed the semantic core of their site. Now I would certainly correct a little article, but as long as your hands do not reach.
By keyword Articles'm in the top 10 search results Yandex. Well, you see not everyone is interested in the location of the semantic core DLE, because it scored very few views. In these positions you would expect a lot more visitors, and, alas not. It seems that SEO websites have ceased to be relevant, although it is not. Maybe someone that tell me?
Masthead ranked seventh article: "The search engine Yandex. The target audience!" scored 233 visitors.

In fact, an interesting article about catching targeted traffic from the search engine, but, alas, not seen correctly picked keywords, as for specified keywords do not have the article in issue, but for some requests go to this page must also be sorted out.
Sixth place in the top ranked article "Installing DLE, complete step by step guide + Video!" scored 268 display.
Pretty simple little article in which I described the installation script DLE, which enables us to understand what and where you need to register. Article aimed at beginners. On the paper attached video from the official source of the spread of the script.

According to some articles of keywords you can find me near the top 10 issue of Yandex. According to statistics, I rolled out of 8th place in the 14 for "Setting DLE", it would be necessary to make up, from 3 to 5 links asking me to return the lost position. But this later. Come on ...
Fifth place in the course of the experiment took the article "Choosing a platform or a so-called engine for site!" scored 288 display.

Article from the section creating websites. This article describes what the so-called platform or engine site. The article is aimed at beginners, for those who still do not know that the full site is easiest to build on the basis of CMS systems.
According to key words, I miscalculated again, but only one call is on the 68 position in the issuance of Yandex, so visitors come to this article on the request of the Unseen me. That suggests the idea to seek methods of tracking requests.