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Strategy forex on gestomos

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Forex Strategy: x50
The name for we do not come up with a strategy, so leave thinking about the meaning of acronyms X50 those who have full time to waste. Trading tactics was found on one of the foreign forex forums and attracted our opinion a serious approach to the development of its analysis of the market situation. On the chart there are tactics as indicators of older tamfreyma and current. This allows you to not switch to other windows to accurately determine the trend towards which you want to trade (open position).

The author, as is often assumed not particularly divided the rules of entry and exit of the products, so we again had to refine their own methodology of work with this exchange strategy. Since the tactic works only on 15-minute chart of the forex quotes, in the course of our testing, the best take profit turned out to be the next level automatically arrayed indicator Pivot. At least about 90% of cases the strategy could close a position to profit in these points. To trade well suited basic forex pairs: eur usd, gbp usd and aud usd.
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The Trading System x50 uses three main indicators of the window, which is used by traders to make a decision about the opening of a market order. Stop orders are set for each transaction at current highs and price lows. Levels of closing orders at a profit, as reported above will be placed on the auto-pivot. You can additionally tested the strategy to find more effective rules for the position, such as stop loss translated into a zone of "without prejudice" and to calculate the target for the same markup tools Fibonacci forex. Also, many systems have shown good results by dividing the standard order into several parts, followed by the gradual closing of positions.

So, let's look at the rules on entry to the buying and selling of foreign exchange instruments on the basis of the signals x50 strategy. 1. Indicator Absolute Strength: lowest window of your work schedule. It is important to monitor the intersections of both indicators. If the blue above the red, then consider the transaction to increase the exchange tool; if there is a situation on the contrary - according to search signals for sale. 2. Stoch indicator: as presented immediately two indicators at the intersection where the trader has the ability to use certain signals. For shopping blue stochastics should be above the green for sales under green above blue.