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                                       And why is this a visit to a web page I get paid?

- You ask. And everything is very simple. There are companies that increase traffic to websites for the last pay them money. It was with this company and you will have to deal. This company will provide you with a list of web pages that you want to visit, you visit these pages, site traffic increases, they reward the company, and the company rewards you. PTC-sites are intermediaries between advertisers and thousands of potential customers showing their ads on the pages of "View Ads" or "Surfing".

They are completely legal and can join them any Internet user (worldwide!) Absolutely free. Sites pay its users (ie us) exact calculated percentage of all investments advertisers. PTC-sites earn money from the rest percent from money of advertisers, from affiliates on the site, as well as direct sponsors.

Users can earn money much more, involving or renting referrals .Zarabotannye money you can withdraw through any payment system accessible on the website. Usually, then money are transferred to a bank account, are displayed on the card and withdraw from ATMs. You can also receive the check. On how to bring money to the card or bankosvy account, you can read the headings Withdrawal from AlertPay to your bank account, credit card Output Webmoney to AlertPay Privatbank and Output in Ukraine at stake Privat.

And what better Russian foreign sponsors?

Yes, the fact that the Russian journal boxes to make something much harder and they pay a fraction. Better Well I have to work for dollars than rubles. What do you think How I can make once I will tell you - all the information in the blog is not written for the "freebies lovers" and "Quick cut down some money," and depends on your work and usiliy.Summa you want to make will be repelled by your imagination and tseleustremlёnnosti.A difficulty in this case is - to attract referrals, it's almost the only way to significantly increase your income in this biznese.Podumayte yourself if you drew a referral, your

earnings on increased financial support of up to 50%! And let's say 5 referrals, then at 250% !!! I think the message is clear ... The formula is simple you klikate 4 links per day ($ 0.01 for 1-click) on one site (boxes) is a = 0.04 $ and this is only one Bux, and if they are 10, you get $ 0.04 * 10 = $ 0.40 per day and if you have 10 referrals and they do 4 clicks a day (0.005 $ per click), you will get another $ 0.20 Total per day, you have $ 0.60 (which is 20 minutes of work per day) It is $ 6 for 10 days and $ 12 per month. Now think that if you have 10 referrals in each of the 10 boxes, we get a total of 5 times more = $ 3 per day and $ 90 per month raboty.Dalshe more, you can buy a Premium Membership and get 2 times more money for your every click and click your referral ($ 0.02 per click). And your profits will soar once in 2 times. In addition, such a salary does not require absolutely no investment from you!


That is, you can earn income without spending a penny for it! The amount of income you receive is not limited, it all depends on yourself - your desires and usserdiya. And in the first months of work, you most likely will not be able to earn a lot, but do not put your hands immediately, as they say everything comes from experience, and over time the amount of your earnings will continue to increase, to the extent that you will gain the necessary experience. If you're willing to work, you can be found below with the necessary information.

Further, as you may have noticed we have two entries in the section to the sponsors for Clicks. Namely Top PTC-sites and the Russian sponsory.Vse the PTC-sites are constantly updated as often, new sponsors, for which it makes sense to pay attention vplane additional earnings or old sponsors become obsolete and their close, calling into question their ability to pay (SCAM -site). It is on this analysis and specialize on our blog.

Administration of our site is following behind it. So I will tell you that making this type of business can be quite good money, but more importantly a little patience and effort ;. List of PTC-sites on which I currently work as you can see in the blog navigation. or menu of the site.