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However, on Thursday, the market showed a rapid way out of the range, expressed in the form of a strong appreciation of the single European currency by more than 150 points. The main driving force behind this breakthrough was the publication of a report on the index of business activity in the euro area. According to the organization Markit Economics, the composite index of business activity in industry and services for the 18 eurozone countries, according to preliminary estimates, rose in January to 53.2 points from 52.1 in the previous month. These were better than analysts' forecasts, who expected the index to rise to 52.4 points. The index of business activity in the euro zone industry rose to 53.9 points from 52.7 in December and peaked at more than 2.5 years.

Note that the upper limit of the range at around 1.3575 was strong resistance level and at the same time has been a good guide to open long positions in case the price will be able to consolidate above this level. Thus, if after a band you would open a long position on this pair at 1.3580, they could close it at the level of 1.3690, that is, near the next important resistance level, with a profit of 110 points. Trading volume of 1.0 lot while making a deposit of $ 5000, you would increase your account for 1100 US dollars.



If you are just starting their way a trader, you will approach the forex strategy to daily charts. Trading on the daily charts are traditionally easier than in the day. This is the best time period for those who are versed in the economic situation. 2-3 year trend can be seen on the daily chart. And it is also a plus - for a long time, you can trade with the trend.

Great stop-loss offset large profits. On the daily chart the profit is much higher than the risk. You can set the profit target is 7-8 times more than a stop-loss. Profitable forex trading strategies are based on the use of daily charts, as a rule, do not use indicators. As signals strong economic data may serve to open the transaction. For example, a reduction in the interest rate of the European Central Bank. Interest rate - the powerful tool of economic management.

Its reduction is aimed at supporting the economy. Consequently, in the long term the euro will strengthen against all currencies. Forex Strategy without indicators can be used on almost any period of time. Strategy without indicators suitable for people of creative professions. These people have great pleasure in looking at the chart figures: the head and shoulders, double top / bottom, etc. Can also be used candlestick formations, such as the hammer, the hammer suspended, morning / evening star, Harami and others. With the use of such tools of forex trading turns into a game where the right kind formation may prompt the decision to open the desired agreement.

It is - how to collect mosaic. Forex trading strategies used within the day, differ a lot of potential profit: Trading within the day, you can earn a lot more than on the daily charts. Here, the analysis should be more careful. When trading intraday, changes occur in the economy, are not so important. It is important to celebrate the release of macroeconomic indicators, since they cause strong movements. At other times, the movement creates bidders for its transactions. Standard indicators for such trade will not work.

Here you need to see the volumes are the agreements of the two sides to understand more: buyers or sellers. We have to keep a lot of information in mind, constantly monitor the actions of market participants. This sale is for those who constantly has to deal with numbers. With the ability to provide the volume of transactions, trading within the day can truly be classified as high-yield. Specific words deserves scalping. Scalpers - merchants selling at Scalping Trading Strategies are considered elite.

The name of this forex strategy is derived from the word "scalp": is a trader literally scalped the market. It is close to the truth: the problem scalper to enter the market, take a 10-20 points and get out of the agreement. The scalping indicators can be used, although they are not used by professionals. A good point for scalping will be a day rich news.

Wide news background creates strong price hikes, which makes a scalper. With regard to the amount of risk it is often not controlled. Scalpers often do not put a stop-loss, and close the deal immediately, as soon as they went in the wrong direction.