Блог Биткойн-Новости - Danger of a serious fall in US indices?

                                           Danger of a serious fall in US indices?

In a further warning to investors, technical analysts from the financial institution, HSBC, said the risk of a sharp depreciation of US indices is "very high at the moment".

The warning is in line with that of the summer of last year, made by the British financial institution.

"The likelihood of a sharp drop in indices is very high at the moment," according to the bank's technical analysts, in a letter to its clients.

According to financial experts, there is a great similarity between technical figures of the US indices currently and those just before the "black Monday" of 1987.

The same analysts have emphasized US asset sales since February that are evidence of a serious downward pressure on mass sales.

Technical analysts point to two key levels of support, the overcoming of which must seriously worry investors in the US markets. The first is 2,875 points, or a potential breakthrough at the historic peak of the broad index since January of this year, which is currently being marketed by the S & P 500.

While that level is in place, bulls still have the potential for further growth and new peaks. However, the fall below this level may be a sign of weakness and followed by massive sales, similar to February this month.

"People are now mechanically looking for reasons to be negative," said William Hobbs, head of HSBC's investment unit in Europe and the UK. For us in practice, this may mean that there are good investment opportunities. From the point of view of technical analysis, such investor attitudes are not characteristic of the formation of a peak, "Hobbes added.