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                                      CPA marketing in all its glory
From the last blog post, you can understand that we started another new project. Namely: to work out CPA marketing. In the past, for me it was like all the wild and it is not clear. At the moment, I decided to return to this area and connect it to their partners. Yes, they are not much, but I hope to succeed. At least, our project caselinks.net though partially frozen, it still brings income from referral fees. With all referrals try to keep in touch and help them in their work, although there are of course several referrals from that, there is no connection. I think that when open registration on the project caselinks, they announced.
What is the fundamental difference in earnings CPA marketing and easy money on the site?

It's all about the needs of investment to obtain a reverse exhaust, and most importantly - is that there is the chance of losing money. Not to be confused with investment in different indices, Forex, and the like. But the most extraordinary feature is that you need to invest a lot and it is much more than the cost of the domain hosting and purchase a couple dozen links.
What you need to do first when working with the CPA?

Get rid of advertising through Google, YandeksDirekt and similar systems. Of course advertising is not simple, but with CPA affiliate links after selecting a few affiliate programs. Be prepared to shell out 5000 - 10 000 tis. rubles for each affiliate. We calculate the minimum 3-5 affiliate - it is 15-25 thousand. Rubles.
After determining the appropriate affiliate programs need to expand outreach. So is the new cost of creating social groups. networks and their promotion. It should be emphasized, too, at least 10 thousand. Rubles.
Without reducing the pace! Creating a platform (website) where we accumulate more audience, plus automation repostinga to establish social networks. Also, the cost 15-20 thousand. Rubles.

To all this, we should not forget about the heavy load on the platform, including hosting, which means that the usual hosting, we will not do. We need a minimum of a virtual dedicated server to implement various kinds of automation, and that will give most of the load on the server. Since we have decided to develop this industry in Ukraine, it was decided to seek a reliable web hosting company to provide the VPS in Ukraine.
Another step: Dopilivanie site, its advertising, SEO optimization - it's plus 20 thousand. Rubles.
And most importantly, we must not forget that most of the described steps are repeated from month to month.
So the cost of the first three months will pull at least 70-100 thousand. Rubles. And that's just what would gradually reduce the risks draining investment.
Now, regarding the buns: Revenues TOP Webmasters several CPA services range from 25 to 70 thousand. Rubles a day. What recalculated to a monthly average of earnings in the CPA marketing - about 1.5 million rubles. Not bad, yes!
Because of high costs, earnings in the CPA marketing is not so deployed as all other types of earnings. And that means only one thing: "it is necessary as soon as possible to join him." Suppose that in a few moments we can burn. We need to try ... For if sit idly by, it never will achieve.
Initially, we are faced with the task of defining "